ideal resume in 2019 this is how an ideal resume look like in 2019.

The resume is possibly the most important document that describes “who you are” and “what you know”.

It’s no more informational document used by employers.  Your professional story is now accessible to the entire world.

Remember – your social network — your direct connections — your second level connections and entire world is watching your story.

An ideal resume in year 2019 is all about your personal branding, social contributions, past story and future plan.

Here are the components of an ideal resume in year 2019:

#1: Professional Story

People love stories.  People feel emotions.  Tell the world about your professional story in a way you want people to perceive about you and what you want to be known for?

Tell them – what you do, what you work.  What worked for you and what did not work?  How your work impacted people.  How you add value to the market place.  Why you are different than others in your industry.

Add emotions to the story.

Pitch about your future plan.

#2: Accomplishments

Brief your top 5 accomplishments in year 2018 and beyond.  What these accomplishments mean to you, to your team and to your business.

Your past accomplishments indicate your strengths, your capabilities and results.

#3: 2019 Goals

What is your professional growth plan?  What are your top 3 goals for year 2019? What are the milestones, how do you measure your success? What is the plan looks like?

Review your professional plan on monthly basis.

Let the world know about your aspirations.  You never know the right people may connect with you based on your aspirations and future plans.

#4: Specialization

What is your specialization?  What is one thing why people should reach you?  Why you are the go-to person in that area?

Imagine you have a heart problem; do you prefer general doctor or a cardiologist?

Specialization always wins over generalization.

People always reach specialist to solve their problems.   This is why you should write about your specialization and back it with results and testimonials.

#5: Social contributions

Do you have a youtube channel?  Do you write on  Do you have GitHub account?  Do you answer on stackoverflow? Do you contribute to open source projects?

How many people follow you? Even if you have a thousand followers no problem, it’s a good start.

In year 2019 – this is the most important area for you!  This should be one of the big-ticket items on your resume.

#6: Self Development

Self-development is the secret ingredient for career success.

What are top 3 skills you acquired in year 2018?  What are the top three skills you want to invest in year 2019?

Investing on self-development is considered as one of the best investment.  People love to know your areas of self-development.

This is another big-ticket item that should be on your resume.  It tells your future employer and audience about your seriousness on your self-development.

#7: Books 

What are the top 3 books you read in year 2018?  What are the top three books you are planning to read in year 2019?

This is another area people are interested.

For example, if you say you just finished reading a book called “7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE”.   People immediately know what kind of person you are?  They know how to talk to you?

#8: Technologies

Brief top 10 technologies you have used?  Technologies you have evaluated?  Technologies you proposed?  Your lessons learned?  Your feedback?

All these small things matter a lot.

 #9: Testimonials

Testimonials from your previous employers or friends are super important to gain confidence of your prospect audience.

What are the top 3 recommendations from your industry leaders?

Highlight as many recommendations as possible.

#10: Work Samples

Show case your work.

Present the world with samples of your previous work.  Provide links to your previous work?  Provide links to your GitHub page?

Showcasing your previous work gives an immediate advantage to you compared to others.

Good luck and all the best!

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